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Welcome to our Live Proxy at www.live-proxy.com. It's forbidden to use this site for any malicious activity and anyone doing so will have their IP blocked and may be reported to the authorities. We hope you enjoy the windows live proxy so if you do please bookmark us (Control + D) and add us to your proxy list. Free proxy sites such as these allow you to search the internet annonymously, basically using the web and not allowing others to know what you are up too. When you use the Live Proxy here at liveoxy you are using a new IP address which is created by the scripting code php which makes up this proxy. Our network is created by the owners of the Web Proxy Blog

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A history of Live.com It's funny how often Microsoft has re-branded its search engines; and in the following article we discuss a little of the history of Bing.com. Back in 2004, which is as far back as we can remember Microsoft's search engine, search.msn.com called MSN search, was in beta with an index of some 5 million pages. This is a trivial index by today's standards, but back then this was comparable with Google and Yahoo's index in size. But that was the only comparison one could make though. In terms of quality of search results, MSN search was terrible. In September 2006, Live Search (search.live.com) was released to an unsuspecting world and that was about the time this Live proxy site went online! This proxy was originally intended to allow people to surf live search, but alas events superceded us - you can still use this site to view and proxify Bing pages though!
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